Pamela Demott

PAMELA DEMOTT, in Commack, NY.

Before we share Pamela's (Pam) story in her own words, here is a snippet of what her sister, Tiffany, has shared:

"Pamela and her daughters lost 2 members of this household. Our mom (age 76) in 2010 and her husband (age 43) in 2014. Both lost due to cancer. They cared for both of them day and night during their fights. Now they are both gone. Since their deaths with little time to grieve they have devoted their time and energy to organize a Relay for life team to raise money for the American Cancer Society. To date, they helped raise over $56,000.00. They raised money through fundraiser concerts they organized with their friends and families. Recently, Pam herniated her L5 and is currently home from work for now."

And of course, in Pam's own words:  

“Unfortunately, I got hurt in June. I was trying to get healthy for my girls and went to a trainer. He had me dead lift over 100 and I have not been able to return to work as my doctor's recently confirmed nerve damage, herniated discs, and spinal stenosis. Right now, I am in the treatment stage and exploring injections or surgery in conjunction with PT to perhaps feel better. I have constant pain, but I will not let the pain stop me. I am still living and my kids need me. It is frightening to me, but I have to believe I will get by somehow for my children. I will be losing my health benefits soon and probably my job due to my injury. But I will keep looking for jobs that will fit my life as it is now. I can only keep looking. 

My girls and I and friends and families in the community are incredibly part of our #WearPurpleForJoeyD team in honor of Joseph. Only months after he passed Taylor now 17 and Miranda now 14 wanted to honor their father and create a team to raise money so other families will have the hope of more days with their loved ones. We feel that if we can help them in some way, it will help all of us. The girls thought of a fundraising concert since them and most of their friends are singers and theater kids. We put on our first concert and at the end of the first Relay for Life we raised over $34,000.00. We did it a second year and brought our total to over $56,000.00. Without our friends and families, we could not do it. The kids on our team have learned such dedication and drive to help others without expecting anything in return.

My parents purchased this home when they were expecting me. I was born in 1970, they purchased in 1968. My mom was very attached to the home and that is why Joseph and I stayed with her. She helped raise the girls with us. The house was always ok. But of course needs work everywhere. Just the girls and I are here now. We went from 5 to 3 in the house. We have our pets and friends come by for the girls. Our neighbors take great care of us and we are never alone.

We do not spend a lot of time at all [in the backyard]. Just to put the pups out. Joe was always the grill master. So it is hard to start up the bbq without him. The girls stay in the spring with the pollen because they both suffer from asthma and allergies and have pneumonia frequently. We would love to spend time outside and watch the dogs play. Listen to music and the sound of water to relax and believe things will be ok. They can only get better from here we hope and believe.

The girls are very active in musical theater. They do plays here and NYC. They perform in NYC Cabarets and love doing fundraisers here on LI. Year after year they can't wait to start planning our next fundraiser.

[Future wise], I can still plan for this Relay for Life Season. American Cancer Society has meant so much to me. I have applied to jobs there because I want it to be my career also. I have a Masters degree in public and health administration so any business I can do. I can't sit for extended periods right now without worsening the pain. I intend on getting better. 

[For the backyard], I miss the pool. But ok with what will be. We had a gunite pool that because of erosion the plumbing and side of pool started to collapse down the hill. Joseph could not afford to fix it so he had gotten a demo permit and his friends who own a company demolished it. I remember putting on shows during our many pool party gatherings. It was always out of our financial range to fix anything. Mom was sick for 4 years and Joseph followed. We are financially strained and it is very scary right now.”