Brick and natural stone veneer for the finishing touch.


Clients often think of landscape design as limited to yards and the plants and structures in them. At Above All Masonry, we believe that the design of amazing outdoor spaces also encompasses the "walls" of these outdoors areas—in most cases, the outside of our homes. If you prefer the aesthetic appeal of brick and stone, we can help apply the most realistic and beautiful brick and stone veneer to the outside or even the interior of your home.

Why Choose Brick & Stone Veneer?

Aesthetic appeal

Our Brick & Stone Veneer Services Include

Brick and stone veneer siding
Seamless integration with your new patio, walkway or stoop
Outdoor kitchen veneer installation
Stone veneer fireplace design
Custom design for your specific property
Material selection & purchasing
Stone veneer installation

Our Long Island Brick & Stone Veneer Projects