Landscape Design Ideas to Turn Your Plainview, NY, Home into Your Own Personal Beach Oasis

If you feel sad when your annual beach vacation is over and wish you never had to leave, why not re-create a beach feel in your Plainview, NY, landscape? Here are some landscape design ideas to turn your yard into your own personal beach oasis.

Health Benefits of the Beach

Landscape Design Ideas to Turn Your Plainview, NY, Home into Your Own Personal Beach Oasis

Scientific studies all agree that being at the beach contributes to a feeling of calm and tranquility. Swimming is great for our leg muscles and cardiovascular health. We enjoy the warm sand, cool water, and soft breeze while enjoying a cold drink, all contributing to de-stressing our minds and bodies. You can re-create many of these same effects in your own backyard.

Swimming Pool

Traditionally a swimming pool has very defined edges accompanied by ladders to help you climb out, but what if you installed a pool with a gradual descent like walking into the ocean? Instead of sand there could be beautiful concrete pavers that lead up to your pool like a boat ramp. As your friends and family play in the pool, the water would gently lap the pool deck just like waves on the beach.



While fencing that surrounds the pool is mandatory in some areas, you could choose to use the pilings that are used to anchor the piers and access ways onto the beach instead. Thick nautical rope could form the connections between the pilings to make you feel just like you are at the ocean. Accent your beach fence with cute signs that point the way to the “beach.”  

Fire Pit

If you take an area of the yard that is near the pool and convert it to a “beach” complete with sand, you might want to add a fire pit so that you can relax and enjoy a “fire on the beach” while the kids swim. Add some comfortable chairs and you can chill on your manmade beach anytime you wish!


Landscaping and Plants

Landscaping with strategically chosen trees could help lend a beachy feel to a property, while using small white river rocks instead of mulch can continue the feel of white sand. 

Planting the rose known as the “beach rose,” or rosa rugosa, also brings the plants that you see at the beach into your yard. This beach rose is very hardy, tolerates drought and poor soil, and withstands storms well. 

Ornamental grass is also very common on the sand dunes to prevent erosion and adding some tall grasses is not only beautiful, but they make a swishing sound in the breeze that is very calming. 

Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate your backyard beach with uplighting on the trees, low level lighting on the walkways to the pool, and the sandy fire pit, and you have an oasis that is available long into the evening. Even if you don’t want to swim, simply heading outside to relax your feet in the sand by a warm fire can make you feel calmer and less stressed, just like the real beach does. 

If creating a nautical oasis for your Plainview, NY, home is something you want to do, consult with landscape professionals who are known for delivering the best in professionalism and quality work, with details that produce outdoor beach living perfection.