4 Landscape Architecture Ideas for Increasing Privacy in Your East Northport, NY, Backyard

It’s difficult to fully enjoy your beautiful East Northport, NY, backyard if you feel like you don’t have enough privacy. Luckily, a creative landscape architecture plan can transform your backyard into a private vacation resort. There are many ways to create a natural screen that will block the view of your neighbor's backyard while adding style to your yard.

Artful Fence

Fences are one of the most common ways of creating a secluded spot in a backyard, but that commonality works against them—traditional fences are often viewed as a boring solution for marking divisions and creating privacy. However, some creativity makes modern fences quite appealing. An artfully made cedar, cypress, or redwood fence combined with plantings that soften its lines can be a great addition to your outdoor space.

Fences not only offer seclusion but also fitting spots for placing colorful plants’ blooms. Plants soften the look of the fence and look ideal with a latticework fence that allows excellent air movement and filters light.

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Stone Retaining Walls

Natural stone walls have structural limitations, but you may still desire the look of this material for a wall of decent height for seclusion when you sit outside. A taller concrete wall accented with stone veneer pillars would further extends your visual privacy. Combined with elevated lattice, this wall option would be a fantastic way to create a private, secluded area that entirely blocks the view of your patio but with style and elegance.

Architectural details such as curves that keep the eye moving along the privacy element add visual interest. A well-crafted stone wall that extends into a fanciful fence would add a distinctive edge to your property.

Privacy Plants

4 Landscape Architecture Ideas for Increasing Privacy in Your East Northport, NY, Backyard

Not a fan of lattice? Privacy plants come in various shapes and forms and can be put in place to hide or soften a wall. Plants are an appealing alternative to a solid structure if your backyard is already full of many hardscape elements—a well-placed softscape feature could create the kind of balance your landscape needs. Tall or mid-height growers are especially suitable for creating a secluded nook. The larger plants could offer architectural interest while the midsize growers will create an attractive color palette.

Privacy hedge plants come in many varieties and offer a fresh, tall, and lush appearance. Hedges have a simple look that works great with elements such your as an outdoor fireplace and water fountain.

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Integrated Pergolast

A pergola can act as a shield and a decorative piece and will be suitable if you are aiming for a privacy element that integrates vines or similar climbing plants. If you like the aesthetics of pergolas but want to add more privacy and beauty to your yard, a climbing plant is a great solution.

All of these privacy ideas could be used not only to protect you from neighbors’ prying eyes. They are also used to shield swimmers while they play in the pool or to separate different outdoor rooms within the yard. Creating a long-lasting but beautiful privacy element requires landscape design experts who know how to make the most of your outdoor area and can offer ideas for your particular preferences. At Above All Masonry Design, we have the needed experience and expertise to create landscape features that will make you feel comfortable in your private outdoor area, but also bring out the beauty of your home.